Monday, July 1, 2013

June 26, 2013

So Elder Roberts sent home some pictures from his first few weeks at the MTC!! Enjoy =)

The Elders in our Zone the First week there. Majority of them are in their respective mission fields

First temple walk on our first sunday. The flowers were beautiful and really added to the beauty of the temple

First p-day. Elder Brock is on the left and Elder Miller is on the right. These two elders are in the same room as me

Name tag and Preach my Gospel and Book of Mormon all in Spanish

Me and my companion Elder Ashcroft at the Provo Temple on our first Sunday

Those in our district going to Long Beach

Our District with me and 5 others going to Long Beach, my companion going to Raleigh, NC, and 2 going to Peru

First P-day. That is the room I am in Elder Ashcroft in the one in the farthest seat, Elder Worthlin in the closest seat and Elder Kotter is on the Floor. Only Elder Ashcroft is in our room.