Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hi Family,
So I bet from the topic you can guess what was the highlight of the week. Yep the Sobrinho Family was baptized yesterday and it was a great service. So to introduce you guys to them (Based from the attached photo) Nathan is the one next to Elder Kunz, Solange is in the middle, and Carlos is in the middle. The other guy next to Elder Kunz is the nephew of Carlos and Solange, Rafa. So ya both me and Elder Kunz did a baptism; He did Nathan and I did Solange and Carlos. It actually is kinda funny because the joke is that I baptized 2 people, but performed 4 baptisms.
To quickly explain, going into the baptism I was more worried about baptizing Solange because she is a little bigger than Carlos and is a little afraid of complete submersion. But it went really smooth and was valid on the first attempt. However with Carlos it was a different story. First time his knee came up, which I didn't see, then the second time I saw both his foot and knee come up. Finally the third time I got it right. Then when we got into the locker room,  Carlos turns to me and says "Tres Veces!!! Estoy muy limpio!!! (3 times!!! I am really clean). Hahaha it was funny but also really spiritual. Even though I was a little embarrassed I had to do it three times, it was a really good service. The other thing that was cool, the ward was really supportive and did a great job welcoming them into the ward. So next Sunday we will be confirming them. It will be a really cool experience and will be even more exciting to see them go through the temple in a year. The cool thing is, if they do go to the temple, I will be able to go through with them. So ya I am really hoping that they do.
So that was the real big highlight of the week, helping them get ready for baptism. This week has flown by so fast it is insane. We had a training on Friday on helping find people to teach, both contacting and member referrals. It was super good and helped fuel the fire to share the gospel with everyone. Also this week we did exchanges with our district leader. This time I left our area and went with to their area with Elder Campbell. Their area is definitely different then ours; they have more Vietnamese people in their area, and the areas that have Hispanics the people aren't really super interested. It really made me more grateful for the area I am in and how much the Lord is blessing us. It also has helped me want to work really hard in this area and use this time that Lord has given me to do His work.
So ya that is pretty much everything for this week. Can you believe I only have this week and next week are the last two weeks of this transfer?!? Two more weeks and then I will be done with my training. It has definitely flown by and have been really good. I have really learned a lot in this time frame and can't wait to learn more. The Spanish is definitely better, I am feeling more and more comfortable teaching. Now I am starting to work on vocabulary outside of Gospel Vocabulary. It is definitely hard, but it is a good thing that Elder Kunz is basically a native speaker of Spanish and helps me out a lot. I am so grateful that we are companions and I hope that we will stay companions until he goes home.
Anyway love you guys hope all is going well.
Elder Roberts