Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23, 2014

Hey everyone!

First off, congrats to mom for going through a temple session in Spanish! Now we can go when I get back and you can show off your spanish that you have learned :) Haha no that is awesome.

Ok so what happened this week to talk about. To be honest, we had another difficult week. With all the different meetings that happened this week, we didn't have the greatest contact with our investigators. So pretty much we just decided to use the trainings we have received recently to find new people to teach. We didn't find anyone new this week, but we did talk to quite a few people and tried staying in contact with our current investigators. So ya that was is pretty much the update for this week. This week we are really going to pound hard the He is the Gift initiative and try to find new investigators from it. So ya that is it. BYE!!

Haha psyc you thought that was going to be it right? Haha jk. How is everyone doing? Ready for Christmas? BTW I did get the packages from Grandma Roberts and Mom and Dad. It was funny the Zone leaders had the big package for 3 days in their car, but never got it to me. So when they did get it to me, they were like "Elder Roberts, please we will give you anything!! Just get your package out of our car it is taking up all the SPACE!!" Haha good old zone leaders.

So for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Christmas Eve is a regular work day until after dinner. Then we go out in our districts and carol to investigators, members, homeless people, a todas! Then Christmas Day we will call home in the morning, then the afternoon will be activities with our zone until dinner. After dinner we will go out as districts again to carol. Haha we have one Elder from Montana who is kinda refusing to carol because their isn't any snow... Haha ya I might have to agree with him. But it will be fun! We are planning on eating alot of tamales on both days because that is what most hispanic people eat during la navidad. Ya I am really hoping that this week I can get back into running so I don't gain anymore weight on the mission...

Ok now I am done because I don't know what more to say. Plus I am afraid that if I keep talking now, then I won't have anything to tell y'allon Thursday. Hope you all have a good week! Hope y'all are practicing your spanish so we can do the call in Spanish :P Nos vemos!!

Elder Roberts