Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 29, 2014

Que tal todos?

So ya ummm....... Another week has flown by because of the Christmas holiday..... ummm...... ya that is all I got to say. Have a good week!

Haha just kiddin'! How was all of your guys Christmas? Yes Bridget I was really jealous of the Red Meat night. Thanks for rubbin' it in! You joke around that we ate tacos and tamales and you were correct on both of them. Christmas eve we ate tamales about 3 times that night. And Christmas day we ate tacos and more tamales. So ya I was jealous of the Red Meat night.

So our Christmas was a blast! We started off by running along the harbor in Downtown. We were right next to the aquarium and the lighthouse and it was gorgeous! A great way to start the Christmas day: Enjoying the beautiful creations of our Lord and God. Then we returned to our apartment and made cinnamon rolls with Eggnog before studies. Then had an awesome study in the Book of Mormon and reading about our Savior's birth in the scriptures and Jesus the Christ. After opening up some of my gifts during Companion Study we took off to our ward mission leader's house to Skype home.

Afterword we went to the Church and chilled with the missionaries in our zone and the other zone. We watched "Other Side of Heaven" and had a Graham Cracker Building contest. Unfortunately we did not win, but me and another Elder had fun using our engineering skills to build the future Long Beach Temple. I attached pictures of our zone with the final results and the other zone. I am kneeling down next to the one we built. That night we went to dinner and caroled to more people. So we had a pretty busy Christmas day, but it was amazing. Yes I did enjoy my last Christmas as a full-time missionary.

So to answer mom's question about our mission goals. Unfortunately we did not achieve our baptismal goal. We finished the last 2 months with 57 baptisms. So ya it kinda sucks we didn't achieve that goal. As a companionship we definitely did our best, but it didn't help that we had a whole week were we didn't get out to work due to sprained ankles and sickness. However, I still feel like we could have worked a little bit better and stayed in contact with our investigators a little bit better. So it sucks, but now with the new year, we are really going to keep building on what we have established in the area, and help it keep improving.

This week, we found 2 new investigators that are pretty solid. Both of them were very receptive on what we shared and expressed more desire to learn more. It was pretty exciting to see them be so receptive and desire to learn. This week was also full of missionaries with the cold, including me. So we did several mini exchanges to keep the work going in our area. So it was a pretty crazy week, but a fun one for sure. Passed by super fast but a fun one.

Well this week is going to be a crazy one as well. Our DL has kinda left all his exchanges with us for this week. So it is going to be exchange, regular, exchange and ya. So basically this transfer is going to end super fast. I am kinda nervous for what is going to happen next transfer because our mission loses about 15 spanish missionaries and about another 15-18 spanish missionaries are coming in. So we will see what happens.

Well I need to go, time is up. Have a good week!

Elder Roberts