Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015

Hi everyone,

Well there wasn't any snow that fell here in sunny California if you want to know. But when I saw that part in your email I couldn't help but laugh knowing that is typical Cache Valley. Hopefully it decides to be done snowing when I get back.

All right answer to mom's question. I said we would be doing a lot of exchanges this week because of Leadership training. However, this transfer they decided to do things a little different. Usually only the District Leader, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders attend Leadership Training. However, they decided to have all the missionaries who have more than 1 year in the mission attend Leadership training and then on Friday they had another training for those who didn't attend Leadership Training, all the Junior Companions. So on Tuesday I was on a temporary exchange with Elder Petersen, then on Friday we were on exchanges again because our companions had their training. So a bit stressful, but overall it worked out and we had successful days.

With exchanges I only do them with Elders in my district and my zone leaders. Thankfully the Elders in our district all work in the same ward as us, so it makes things super easy not having to worry about exchanges in English wards. So for example: This transfer I have 4 exchanges to do. 2 of them I go to the area of the other Elder, and the other 2 I stay in our area and bring the other Elder to my area. I already have done one exchange, I am planning on doing one this week and next week I will do both exchanges and be done with them.

Well sounds like things got crazy for you guys back home. I am glad to hear that Erin and Jordin are all right. When I saw they got in a wreck with a Ford F-350 I got super nervous. But glad to hear they are all right. I imagine Erin is enjoying the stereo system in the Nissan. Hopefully everything goes well with their car shopping and with end of year schooling items.

Ok so like I said on Tuesday we had Leadership Training with President and Sister Tew and the Assistance. It was a good meeting, however some of the trainings were a little hard to follow. The only training that really stuck out to me was President Tew's training about teaching simple truths by analyzing what you want your investigator to know and accept after you teach a certain principle. After hearing that I had that moment of "Dang it, why didn't I apply that at the start of my mission?" So this week we have been applying that principle more and more into our companionship studies and teaching appointments. It does help you get through the fluff and teach the plain and simple truths necessary for conversion. So hopefully this week we will continue to see success with that.

While I was at the Leadership Training, Elder Obray and 2 other missionaries went and taught Roxanna about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While teaching her, Roxanna started putting pieces together about what God expects of us and things started to click. She accepted a baptismal date for the 17 of May, the Sunday before I come home. So we will also be focusing on her to help her take this step in her life to come closer to God. Yep I was pretty proud of my son :)

On Friday we had a really good lesson with Juan, our investigator with a date for the 3 of May. We talked about the Book of Mormon and he was super excited to start reading it. He had heard about it from him mom and was super curious as to what it contains. So we read with him 1 Nephi 1 and that just got him more excited to keep reading. He is still excited for his baptismal date for the 3rd of May. It is coming up fast and we still have several more things to teach him. But there is no doubt in my mind that he will be baptized before I come home.

On Friday we also found a new investigator, Araceli. We found her contacting and she immediately invited us back to share more about the family. So we did and her first question was "What religion are you?" We told her and she immediately started to cry. She had attended several of our sacrament meetings with her friend in Santa Ana. But when she moved here she lost contact with the church and her friend. But then we found her and she was ready to listen to the lessons. We taught her about the Restoration and she loved and accepted everything. We are going to go by her again tomorrow and hopefully commit her to baptism this week.

Haha so change of topic. This is a warning that I am giving to everyone that I learned from my own personal experience. So on Saturday some other Elders wanted to try Wiener-schnitzel for lunch. Well, first off it was disgusting I don't recommend it, second I got hit with a super bad food coma afterwords. It was bad and made it super hard to stay focused for the rest of the day. But we survived...barely.

Ok well I think that sums everything up for the week. Things are really going well here in Bolsa Chica A. It goes well with the sentence that Mom shared with me about the last few weeks of a missionaries mission. It can be some of the most fruitful weeks ever. We have 2 investigators committed for baptism and we are working hard with so that they can come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ through His example. This week it will be working hard with the members of the ward to help these amazing people take this step in their life.

Hope you all have a good week! Love you all!

Elder Roberts