Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015 - The final 100M!

Hi Everyone,

Yep you read the subject line correctly, we are coming off the corner and into the final home stretch. The crowd has been great and the energy in just pumping right now. Every muscle just working as hard as it can to finish off the last 100M. Trying to get those last few points, every runner counts and... Ok that might have been a little dramatic :) But in all seriousness, we are literally into the final 100M, or in other words, my last week as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Happy late Mother's day to those amazing mom's out there. Quick shout out to my mom as well! We had a great chat on Sunday. It definitely made Mother's day that much better. Thanks for all you do Mom!

Ok so this week was solid, but also pretty difficult. We started things off great with lessons on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we had a good District Meeting and work day. But after Thursday, things seemed to get a little bit difficult. We had a hard time finding our investigators at home and finding new investigators. But, as He always does, the Lord helped us finish off the week by finding a new investigator and getting 4 investigators to church. So I can't complain too much, I guess half way through the week things started to look a bit difficult.

So a couple highlights for this week were our lessons with Juan and Roxanna. Both of them had baptismal dates for the 10 of May and the 17 of May respectively. However, Juan had forgotten that we had set a baptismal date with him and we hadn't taught him everything, and Roxanna hadn't come to church enough times and she didn't feel prepared. So with both of them we had a pretty straight forward talk with them about their desire to be baptized. Both lessons went really well and we have a better idea of where to go with them.

So with Juan he does want to be baptized, but we wasn't understanding what he was reading in the Book of Mormon, nor was he praying to know it was true. So we set a game plan to read with him more consistently to help him understand it more. Plus we are going to cover smaller parts of the lessons with him and commit him to pray specifically if what we taught is true. He also committed to come to church every week with his mom. We also set a game plan for him to continue learning English. He is such a cool guy and very dedicated to learn and grow in the Gospel.

For Roxanna it was very similar. She understands that baptism requires a change of heart and it isn't anything you do and then fall away. So she wants us to continue coming over and teaching her the lessons, but in smaller parts as well and read in the Book of Mormon. It was really cool to see her ask us to help. Plus she proved her desire to change by coming to Church on Sunday for the first time since we started teaching her. So both Roxanna and Juan showed their desire to change and accept the Gospel. Now it is up to us to help them progress and receive answers to their questions.

Well those were probably the highlights of this week. This week is going to be a good week full of dedicated work. On Tuesday I will go to the Temple with President and Sister Tew along with the other missionaries going home this transfer. Then on Sunday it will be our Departure Fireside, Monday Exit Interview with President Tew, and Farewell dinner with President and Sister Tew and the other missionaries. This week is going to fly by, but with every opportunity there is a miracle waiting to happen.

Love you all. Thank you for the support the past 2 years. Hope everything is well with you and we will see you all soon!

Elder Roberts