Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18, 2013

Dear Family,

Can you believe that in less than a month I will be out in Long Beach?? These first two weeks have gone by so fast, it's hard to believe. Things have definitely been better, and I have started getting into a good routine now. It is really helpful when  you have a schedule filled with some activity every hour of the day. The Spanish is coming along, slowly, but coming along. My biggest problem is my that my vocab is very small, and I struggle to recall words. The conjugation is coming back slowly as well. I don't know if Dad has any suggestions to help with learning vocab? Or if anyone else does, I wouldn't mind any suggestions. ( Bridget's Note: You can put suggestions in the comments or mail personal suggestions if you have any =] )

I really like my teachers; they do a really good job teaching us what we need to learn, but also teach with the Spirit. I have learned so much about teaching with the spirit and following the promptings of the Spirit.

This week we will continue teaching "Carlos" and also begin teaching "Geraldo". I am really excited to begin teaching him and to apply what I have learned this past week. I am also excited to see if I can apply more of my Spanish this week in our lessons. I am going to try not to use my notes and just speak. It's going to be hard but I really feel like it's the best way to learn, and also for the Spirit to help us teach in our lessons.

For yesterday's devotional, after the speaker, we watched "The Testament of One Fold and One Shepherd". I will admit I did tear up at the end of the movie. The Spirit was so strong and bore a strong testimony that Jesus is the Christ and that He Lives! I know that He lives. I am so grateful that I get to represent Him.

Love you all,
Elder Roberts