Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 6, 2013

Hey everybody,
Well it is day two of my MTC experience and things are starting to settle down and are going good. I will admit I was a deer in the headlights the first few hours here and a little overwhelming. We basically got checked in and got my name tag and room key, then went to my room to drop off my suit cases. Then we went to our district class room where the teacher was already talking in Spanish and I basically smiled and said nothing. It was pretty scary, and overwhelming but we then went to a devotional where the MTC President and his counselors gave us the run down about everything. That definitely slowed things down and I was able to think a little bit and get some information about what to do. The lessons and devotionals have been amazing, definitely a great spirit here and I can´t wait to continue learning the gospel and my language.
My companion is Elder Ashcroft who is assigned to serve in the Raleigh North Carolina Mission. He is from Logan, and graduated from Logan High in 2012. He has been a really nice kid, and it has been fun getting to know him and the other elders in my district. There are 10 of us in our district with 7 going to Long Beach, 2 to Peru, and 1 to North Carolina. Thankfully all of us have very little to no knowledge of Spanish so it will be nice learning with these guys. So far our Zone leaders are awesome, and we will meet our Branch President tonight after our orientation.
I really do miss you guys. It was kinda hard once I got those feelings of missing you guys not to grab my cell phone and text you guys. Plus it didn´t help that I left my stationary paper and envelopes home. I would love it if you guys could ship that down to me. Our prep day is Thursdays, so that is when we will have time to email you guys. But like you said letters will be faster and more consistent. It definitely is different living here then when I was living on campus, but I think if I can get a routine going, and get my letter supplies, things will be a lot better.
I love you guys and look forward to hearing from you guys soon. Remember the Lord not only looks after His missionaries, but ALL of His children. May the Lord watch over you, bless you, and comfort you.
Elder Roberts