Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013

Buenos Dias familias,
Can you believe that two weeks ago I was dropped off a the MTC?? Time is flying by so fast it is kinda hard to believe. I remember when I got here everyone was saying "Get to Sunday and things will get better." Well they were right, after that first Sunday is when things started to speed up. I will try to get every little juicy tidbit of information in as I can. Also the reason why you will get this email so early is because our laundry and emailing time is7:00 am.
This week has been a very great week. Still have had those down days where I couldn't understand or speak spanish at  all. But for a majority it has been a pretty positive week. On week we started teaching "Geraldo" a new investigator wich actually went really well. With this lesson I didn't take in any notes, or my spanish book with translated phrases to say and to be honest I actually felt more prepared for this lesson than any of the other lessons with "Carlos". I really felt like I have learned a lot within the past two weeks, but have started putting more trust in the Lord to help me recall the words I need to say. It was a great lesson, we got to know Geraldo and his needs as well as establishing our expectations as missionaries. We also taught him about our Heavenly Father, Families and Prayer. It went super good, we even got him to pray which was awesome. We are planning on teaching him about the restoration on Saturday which I can't wait for. I know it probably seems silly that I am super excited over a role played investigator, but I was just super glad things went well. I really felt like my companion and I are making great stides in learning.
So on Sunday is when they are doing the broadcast for the new mission presidents. Like I stated in my last email they are doing a missionary choir and I was worried that I wasn't going to be in it. Well I found out on Tuesday that I will be able to participate in the choir for the broadcast. I am super excited, both to sing in the choir, but also to be in the same building as the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. I am super excited to hear their plans for the missionaries and members to assist in missionary work.
I am going to address a few individual responses I have received from you guys:
1. Bridget- that is awesome you are doing Crossfit. I know it helped me alot. I understand you coming home and being tired, but stick with it. Soon it will go away and you will come home and want to do more :) Also I have only gained 4 lbs. since arriving at the MTC.
2. Dad- Nice job on your running, that is awesome that you have dropped that much time is two weeks. Just keep running, maybe work up to running two days a week. And soon you will be knocking on that 21 minute 5K.
3. Mom- Thanks for sending down my shoes. I really think they will help. Also thanks for the sesame sticks they are going to help with my splurging. Also I might need you to send down my Asics. I went for a run on Thursday and my feet felt like they were on fire and I was really concerned why. Then I remembered that I have had these shoes for over 6 months which usually is another time to switch them out. Plus I remembered that even though I wasn't running in them, I did alot of walking around in them so they have alot more miles on them than I thought. So I figure I will use the asics to run in, and these nike ones for P-day and service.
Well other than that things are going great. The district I am in is awesome and we are getting along really well. The food is really good I don't know why Justin didn't like it. However it doesn't come close to a home cooked meal from mi madre :)
The Gospel is true, and there is no doubt in my mind that it isn't. I know that missionary work is important and can bless the lives everyone. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the true gospel on the Earth today. I know that throught the Prophet Joseph Smith it was restored in these latter-days. I know the Lord answers prayers, He has done so multiple times with me within these first two weeks. Ever since I got here at the MTC the scripture Ether 12:27 has been on my mind and has really been a great motivator. Then during on of my personal study times I went to the cross reference in the bottom to Jacob 4:7 and wow did that scripture hit home. I loved the part at the end where it say "that we have power to do these things". That was a powerful verse and assured me that I can learn Spanish, but more importantly, I can overcome anything when I turn to the Lord for His help.
Hope all is going well. Talk to you again in 1 week.
Elder Roberts