Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 22, 2013

Hey guys,
First off sorry that you guys didn't receive an e-mail yesterday. We were suppose to go to the temple next Tuesday, so I was going to have another week to update you guys. However the Assistants took over everything and changed our temple date to today last week. So I didn't have time to update you guys. But here we are with another quick update for the week.
The temple was amazing!! This time I went to the temple in Los Angeles and it was really cool. I was super excited to go, I really do enjoy going to the temple and the feelings that you feel while you are there is amazing. I am super glad that we get to go the temple every 3 months, I know Elder Steiner doesn't have a temple close to his mission so he doesn't have that opportunity and he has expressed a lot of sadness from it. I am so blessed to have two temples super close to our mission and to have the opportunity to go as often as we get. I actually found out I could have seen Elder Thomas, who is serving in Arcadia, next week possibly. That would have been really cool. I attached a picture of our District on the side of the temple, and a picture of the front of the temple as we were leaving.
The work in our area is going good, but slowly. We have been spending the past few weeks just trying to get things organized and figure out what members live in our area. We had a few really good lessons, but no one is really progressing towards baptism which is hard. Also we have been struggling with investigators keeping appointments, and finding people to teach. Our biggest problem is we aren't passing by consistently the people we have that they can feel the importance of the Gospel. We just aren't using our time effectively, the resources we have effectively, and working with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. It is kinda like when Elder Kunz and I hit that dead spot in week 3 & 4 of my first transfer. We were just going through the motions and not really working effectively and going outside of our comfort zone. It is kinda interesting to see how I have fallen back into that rutt again and have just coasted the past few days. It actually is kinda sad, and disappointing.
However, back to the temple, I had a really cool experience in the Celestial room today. So I was praying to know how I can be a more effective, and powerful missionary. Then I just turned to a random spot in the Book of Mormon and started reading. I opened to Moroni chapter 7.  The first thing I learned was praying with real intent, having faith to receive an answer and guidance. I looked back on my personal prayers, and they have been pretty basic and not with "real intent".  I have not been exercising my faith and putting my trust in Christ that He will help us in this work. The other thing I learned was having charity towards everybody, other missionaries, investigators, and just everyone. I know for a fact that I haven't been showing that charity towards other people and showing that love of Christ for others. And then tying it all together it later says in the chapter that we need to pray to the Father to obtain charity, with real intent.
I bet most of this doesn't make sense, but in general, I know that this was an answer from our Heavenly Father on how I can be a better missionary. The Spirit was so strong during our temple visit, and it was something I desire to have always. I know that I was taught by the Spirit during that time and it was the Spirit testifying of the truthfulness of Moroni's words. Now comes the more difficult part: Applying what I have learned. But I know that if I do apply what I have learned, our area will begin to blossom like it did in Bolsa Chica.
Well I am out of time. Thanks again for everything. If I can leave one piece of advice: Go to the Temple often. I know that the Temple is the House of God, and we can receive guidance, and answers to our questions when we go to the temple often.
Love you all,
Elder Roberts

This is the Familia Campos. Ivan is on the left, the mom is next to me, and Leslie is on the right. The kids are members, but the mom isn't because she can't get married. But they are an awesome family and the mom makes super good Horchata (It's a Spanish drink)

This is the Familia Salcedo. These are the kids, the parents weren't home. Everyone are members except Kevin who is next to me. But he is close to getting baptized, and he is dating of the Salcedo's girls

Bet you recognize this family. It is la Familia Sobrinho, the family we baptized. They are by far my favorite family and I love them to death. Just a heads up, they are planning on coming to Utah in April for Conference, and possibly to visit Elder Kunz's family. So you will have to make sure Elder Kunz introduces you  guys to them.