Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hey guys,
Wow 3 months ago I arrived here in California....and about 4 months ago I entered the MTC.... can you believe how fast time has flown by?!? I don't know for you guys but it really has flown by super fast. I am done with my training!! The heck I can't believe it I am no longer a greenie any more. Haha sorry just had to do a little venting of emotions.
So ya last Wednesday we received leadership call, and I will be honest, I really thought that I would be training. So we finish up daily planning and I go the bathroom, meanwhile I hear the phone ring and I just know it is the Assistants calling for leaderships calls and I got super nervous. So I come out of the bathroom and Elder Kunz is talking on the phone, doesn't pass it to me and then hangs up. Long story short: Elder Kunz received the leadership calling of District Leader for his last transfer and I didn't receive anything. So I was pretty happy, then realized that the district leader we currently have has been in the area for 1 transfer so most likely he wouldn't get released. Which meant, more than likely, Elder Kunz would be leaving the area and I would be leading the area. But we decided to wait till Saturday to receive transfer calls.
So Saturday comes and goes by fast and that evening our District Leader calls us with transfer facts. Like I stated earlier we were pretty sure that Elder Kunz would be leaving and I would be staying. Haha but the Lord works in mysterious ways, and always has something other than we are planning. In the end Elder Kunz is staying in the area...... And I am leaving this area to Whittier tomorrow. Ya it was pretty shell shocking and one that no one saw coming, even our zone leaders weren't expecting it. So ya me and Elder Kunz won't be companions starting tomorrow. It is a pretty bitter sweet moment; I am excited to go see another area and work hard, but at the same time, I have really come to love the people in our area and the investigators we have. It has been hard going by the members and investigators telling them I am leaving, but I know that the Lord has plans for me up in Whittier and I just need  to put my complete trust in Him.
So other than that boring news..... Como estuvo Conferencia General?!?!? Man I really enjoyed this conference and learned so much it is crazy!!! So we watched at our stake center, in English thank goodness, with the other missionaries, members, non-members, and the Stake President. It was so bomb I have 20 pages of notes of conference. I think the main topics were missionary work (with the missionaries and home teaching), obedience, putting our trust in God, and the Law of Chastity. I really enjoyed Elder Bednar's talk about recognizing the blessings the Lord gives us and using them to their fullest potential. The Lord is going to bless us with what we need at that time, and we need to put trust in Him that He will provide for us. Definitely was a very spiritual experience this weekend and one I really enjoyed. I won't lie I did miss going to the priesthood session with Dad, but hey 4 conferences from now we can go together ;)
So with this week I was pretty nervous after Wednesday. Because I was really scared about being able to lead the area, and was praying super hard to know that I could lead this area the way the Lord wants. I know that he has answered my prayers this week through conference, and our zone meeting last Thursday. The biggest confirmation I received is that I need to work harder, and don't overthink situations. I have not been putting my complete trust in Him and been relying on my own strengths for most of this second transfer. That was the confirmation I received from the Lord, to put more trust in the Lord, get lost in the work (For example talk to more people on the street, lead out in lessons, etc.), and don't overthink every situation, especially thinking about my weaknesses. With this confirmation, I promised with the Lord that I would talk to more people, to not think about my weaknesses, and put complete trust in the Lord. To really put to test His promises that He will be with us, and help us in our needs. I know that He will help me, I just have to get more lost in His work.
Well that sums up everything. Thank you so much for your support and love. I don't know what the Lord has in plan for me up in Whittier, but this is really the time to put my complete trust in Him. I know that by doing so I will find those ready to hear the Gospel, help them feel of His love and come unto this Gospel. Ready, Set, GO!!
Elder Roberts