Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hi guys,

Well today marked the start of transfer #6 in the mission. I will be staying in Whittier for another 6 weeks, and Elder Awerkamp is still my companion. To be honest, there wasn't that many changes made in our district and in the zone. Only 3 missionaries got transfered, 4 missionaries are coming in, and all the leadership positions stayed the same. So ya nothing too crazy happened. But that is ok, because we have been on a roll here in our area. We have alot of high goals for this transfer and we are pretty excited.

Also thank you for the valentine package. It caught me by surprise, but I really enjoyed it, thank you thank you. Can you believe that a year ago I received my mission call? I can still remember that day, and the excitement I had. Now a year later, that excitement has grown tremendously and my gratitude has also grown.

Well I won't lie, this week was all right but really difficult. We started it off with a bomb member present lesson with la familia Berriel. We were so close to committing the dad to baptism, but he wanted to continue learning more about the Church. But he really feels like the Church has something different and has strong desires to continue learning. So we will continue working with him and his family. But other than that, everything just seemed to fall through. Every set lesson we had after that got cancelled, and it was just hard to watch them fall through. 

So this week were are really going to try to improve on that. I am really starting to see how important it is to make daily contact with our investigators. Not only to follow up on their commitments, but also so they can feel of the Spirit more in their lives and really desire to have those feelings with them forever.It is going to be something different, but I know that it will really help those we teach to make those decisions to come unto Christ.

Well I am going to keep this one short. To be honest I have already hit some of the highlights for this past week. I am excited to be staying in Whittier for another transfer, and really hope to raise the bar of our efforts. There is alot of great work to be done in our area, and I know that the Lord is preparing His children to accept the Gospel. I hope that the Lord will continue to bless me, as well as you all. 

Love you all,

Elder Roberts