Monday, February 3, 2014

February 03, 2014: Blessings of Prayer

Hey Everyone,
Well another week has passed by. It always feels like this when we get close to ending a transfer. Even though we still have this week and next week till transfers, it is just passing by super fast. I have to agree with you mom, kinda crazy that I will complete 8 months this week. It is funny because I always thought missionaries that had 8 months or more were just super old. Guess I have to include myself in that group.
Just so you know I did get my new debit card. Our zone leaders were pretty slow at getting us our mail this week so I didn't get it till yesterday. But I did get it thanks for getting that renewed for me, also thanks for the sesame sticks. I had totally forgot about those things and how delicious they are.
Well I was hoping that Denver would have put up a bigger fight last night, but I guess not. It was pretty hard getting any work done last night because of the Super Bowl. We didn't have any dinners set up with members so we ate at our apartment, and everyone was having their parties and shouting. Thankfully we had the Guzman family set up for last night and pretty much spent the night with them. I will explain how they are doing a little later.
So this past saturday we had our zone conference, but it was a little different than in the past. This time, we invited the members of the stake to attend our zone conference which was awesome. We had some great trainings from the AP's, President Tew, and President Powel our stake president. All I can say is the Spirit was super strong in that meeting. There was alot of great participation, and the members really got excited to participate in the work of the Lord. Definitely was great experience and one of a lifetime.
So to update you all on la familia Guzman. In the past we really haven't been able to teach them much because they were renovating a guest house to rent. So in the past we have just passed by and visit real quick and see the house. Well last Tuesday they got it rented out and the family moved in. That opened up the door to start teaching them about the restoration. We taught them last night, like I said and it was amazing. They really liked how the Gospel gives us a direction in our lives, and that there is the priesthood in the earth to bless the lives of everyone. They committed to read the Book of Mormon and were super excited to keep learning.
The cool part came after we taught them. Hermano Guzman told us how they have been blessed by having us pass by their house for the past week. They have felt more peace, and happiness when we have passed by. Also he was able to find a more stable job this past week and really thinks it is because of us passing by. While that is true we have done more than just pass by. This entire transfer we have been learning about prayer and the power that comes from specific, sincere prayer. So we have really been praying for the Guzman family for the past week. I truly believe that because of our prayers, and love for this family, the Lord has blessed them and has prepared them for the Gospel. We were really thrilled to hear that and strengthened my testimony about prayer.
Never doubt the power of prayer. Just like Amulek taught to the Zoramites, we should pray for everything, especially for specific blessings for us and for others. I know that the Lord answers our prayers and that we can bless the lives of other people as we pray for them as well. Also I know that the Lord will provide us with opportunities to share the Gospel when we pray to have those experiences and actively search for them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to pray directly to my Heavenly Father, and for His love for me to answer my prayers.
I love you all and I pray for you daily. Thank you for your prayers, support, and love. May the Lord continue to bless you and provide for you as you seek Him in sincere prayer.
Elder Roberts