Friday, February 28, 2014

February 24, 2014

Hi everyone,
Week one of transfer #6 is complete. It seems like I haven't emailed for ever, but the week just seemed to fly by. We have alot of good things happening in our area, this week was a super good week for us. We were able to get a few member present lessons, and alot of less-active lessons as well. But even more awesome was that we got an investigator to come to church. We had hno. Berriel come and he absolutely loved it. He loved it so much that we couldn't describe the feelings he felt. It was awesome that he had such an amazing experience. It will be fun helping him learn more about the church and come closer to our Heavenly Father.
That experience that dad had about the guy who was a member was awesome. That is such a great skill to have to slip your family into any situation. It is something I am really trying hard to improve on: to turn any normal conversation into a gospel centered conversation. It is hard, and can be very frightening. But I am learning, slowly but surely how to do it. This transfer I am really going to try hard to contact more and more people. I have really slacked off this past transfer, and I just feel guilty about it. These are our Heavenly Father's children and they need the gospel in their lives. So when ever I let someone walk past me and I don't reach out to them, I just think "There goes another without receiving an invitation." It is hard, but I know that with a little more faith, and more action on my part, our Heavenly Father will put into my path someone ready for the Gospel.
But things are going really well here in California. I do have a question: how have the Olympics been this month? We visited with a less-active last week and he had the Olympics on when we arrived. I totally forgot that the Winter Olympics were this year. Anything exciting been happening? It is hard to bring up the Olympics with hispanics because all they care about is Soccer. Especially the Winter Olympics. I cannot believe that February is almost over, and March is just around the corner. I was thinking about a couple friends that will complete one year in the next few weeks: Elder Steiner, Elder Ried, Elder Walker, and so many more. I can still remember when they gave their farewells. Kinda crazy how fast things go. But  that is the work of the Lord doings its work.
Well that pretty much is everything. I am attaching a few pictures of me at the temple. We went this past P-Day and it was awesome. Enjoy!
Love you all,
Elder Roberts