Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 16, 2014

Hi everyone,

I have never had such a huge desire to watch soccer than this week. Dad will understand what I am talking about. So the World Cup started on Thursday, and pretty much our work has slowed down dramatically.
EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE is watching the games. Streets are empty, nobody wants to open their doors, and when they do they have a game going and tell us to come back later. President Tew has told us that if we can teach, teach. But if not we can go to members or investigators and visit with them even if there is a game going on. So yeah I have seen a couple games this week. I haven't seen a complete
90 minute game, but I have seen 20-30 minutes of a couple games. I feel bad that we are allowed to do so, but if it means we can visit with members and investigators I guess we will go with it. It is funny
because before the mission I did not like soccer, playing it or watching it. Now I find it super fun to watch and we play it every p-day. Crazy what the mission does to ya.

So I am sure you all are curious about what happened with transfer calls on Saturday. Well I will tell ya that something crazy has happened again. Like you all know my current companion Elder Lloyd has
been in this area for 5 transfers (7 months) and was ready for a change. Well he got it and will be going to the best ward in the mission, La Esperanza. He actually will be working in part of my last area that got dissolved. So he is excited for that change.

As for me things are a little bit more crazy. My new companion is Elder Smyer, but I will be companions with him for only 3 weeks. After that Elder Smyer will be going home, and I don't know what will happen
after that. Some say that I will get a native greenie, others say I will work in a trio for the rest of the transfer, or others say that our area will be dissolved and I will leave with Elder Smyer. To be honest I have no idea what will happen and am super curious what will happen. I am excited to work with Elder Smyer; he actually started in Mexico and due to some health problems was reassigned to this mission. I hear he is a super hard worker, his spanish is perfect, and I will have a good time working with him. So ya stay tuned for what will
happen in 3 weeks.

Well to be completely honest that is the highlights of the week. Hope dad had a super good father's day. I was going to buy you something, but decided you gift will be me coming home being able to speak
spanish with you ;) Oh ya one other highlight. I got to speak in our ward sacrament meeting yesterday. The 2nd counselor ask me to speak last week and asked that I take 10-15 minutes about fathers. So I
spent the entire week to prepare a talk, that was 15 minutes long roughly, about the responsibilities of the Father. I used a talk by Elder Perry to help me narrow down the top responsibilities.

There were 3 other speakers along with me and they all did great, plus we had a rest hymn. Well by the time it was my time to speak, the bishop told me that I had 5-7 minutes to give my talk. So I was cutting stuff out like crazy trying to share the most important parts. In the end I was praying that the Spirit guide me so I could share what our Heavenly Father wanted me to share. So ya that was fun. I was pretty nervous but not as nervous as other times I have given a talk. Plus I only used an outline instead of going word for word and it went super well. Guess it is a good sign that I am improving.

Ok well that is all the highlights. Like I said stay tuned for next week for my adventures with Elder Smyer. I know the Lord is leading and guiding this work, He has a perfect plan for His work. I am grateful for this time to be an instrument in His hands to help His children receive the Restored Gospel.

Love you all,

Elder Roberts