Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 23, 2014

Buenas Tardes!

Well week one of this transfer is now in the books, and it was a very successful week. Full of good work done, some crazy experiences, and playing chauffeur a little bit as well. But things turned out to be a
super good week and we are super excited for this week.

I am sure you are all curious about my new companion verdad? My companion is Elder Smyer, he is from Burley Idaho, he started his mission in Mexico close to the border of Mexico and Guatemala but was
only there for about 6 months and came here due to some problems with his kidneys. He has 23 months in the mission and has about 3 weeks left. He is a super hard worker and is really helping me up my game to
help our investigators. He actually has served in this ward before for about 8 months but in a different area. He actually gave a talk on Sunday and immediately the members came up to him excited to see him
again. I am excited for the little bit of time I have to work with Elder Smyer and I have already learned a lot from him within this week.

So we have a car now for our companionship because Elder Smyer sold his bike, and I am the designated driver. Por eso I said I have been playing chauffeur. Helping Elders close to our area get from place to
place every once and a while, and picking them up for dinner appointments. Plus on friday we got a flat tire because we ran over a screw so we had to go get that fixed. So those few details had impeded our work a little bit, mostly in the mornings and the afternoons. But it has helped us get around our area a little bit faster and get to lessons faster. So I think it is a win situation.

That is cool that you met Sydney Blaser. I agree that is a crazy coincidental that things worked out that way. You will have to tell her I say hi and to be careful with eye surgeries ;) Haha I bet she
will have a good time working at the clinic and she probably does better with blood :)

Glad to hear that things went well with your trip to Washington. I was super happy to hear that the Spirit was super strong at the meeting. That has always been a thing I have recognized in Steve. His ability to follow the Spirit and do the things to bless his family and others. Definitely a Christlike Example. I know that their family is a good example for our family and for Nicolle's side as well. It really does strengthen one's testimony that when we center the Gospel in our families the more unified we will be, and more happy we will be. I have really seen that on my mission and it does motivate missionaries to bring that Gospel into the homes of a family.

Well we are super excited for this week and the plans and goals we have set. Like I said earlier Elder Smyer has already taught me alot of good things to help me be a better missionary and help our investigators progress. I know we are going to have a super good week and the Lord will guide us in His work.

Love you all! Enjoy the World Cup for this week!

Elder Roberts