Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hey guys!

Well, just like dad said in his email, this week just flew by super, super fast. I don't know why this week seemed to fly by but it did. I think it might be the fact that this transfer is only 5 weeks, so the thought of a shortened transfer might be the cause of everything. But it might be the fact that this week we had quite a bit of success as well. You can be the judge of everything.

First off to answer mom's question: so far everything is holding up good. You should be proud of me because I split a pair of pants in the crotch and I was too cheap to pay someone to fix it. So I fixed them myself! It isn't anything fancy, but it is fixed and now I can wear them. I am super positive that they will hold up till the end of my mission (Knock on wood).

This week Elder Higley and I got involved in a decent bash with a minister for a Christian Church, at least we are pretty sure he is a minister he has a graduation certificate from some sort of religious school. To be completely honest all he did was bash on Joseph Smith saying he had read the Book of Mormon, seen several documentaries on Joseph Smith and was certain that he didn't see God. It was interesting to see how much emphasis he was putting in worldly sources, obviously nothing that the church produced, and isn't willing to go to the source of all truth. Needless to say, we shared our testimonies about Joseph Smith with this guy, invited him to find out for himself, and left it at that. Kind of an interesting experience this week.

That bash was not the only interesting thing that happened this week. Like I said in my last email that our teaching pool is pretty small and we are focusing alot on finding. Well, just to cut to the chase, this week we found 3 new investigators that are super solid. One of them was a referral from a member, one we found looking for a former investigator, and the last one we found through contacting. We were super excited to have found these people. Once again just another example of when we are out working hard and doing what the Lord asks us to do, He will provide us with those prepared to receive the Gospel.

So ya that is this week in a nut shell. I am going to send you another email to explain a ward activity we had this past Saturday. Then another with a couple pictures I took today at the Aquarium. We are super excited this week and we are ready to get down and dirty in this work. We have seen the Lord's hand bless us and guide us to those prepared when we are working hard. Now we are going to do everything to help our investigators keep progressing towards baptism.


Elder Roberts


So like I said we had a ward activity on Saturday. In our ward we have members from all over in Mexico, Central America, and a few from South America. So this ward does an activity where people from different countries prepare some food from their country, decorate a table with items in their culture and they did a show with dances, or other cultural activities. It was super awesome to learn about the different countries and try some of their super delicious food.

But I really liked the message that they focused on. That it doesn't matter where we are from, or our cultural background, we are all children of God and we all have the same potential to become like Him. It was an awesome activity for sure!

Here are a couple pictures from the aquarium. We went today right before email so we could let y'all enjoy the pics. ENJOY!

This is my zone leader, Elder Schoof, and I with the flag from Guatemala

Picture 2
This is Elder Higley and I in front of the table for MEXICO!!

Yes Elders can have fun on the little kid's toys. Haha this is me and Elder Christensen representing Lewis and Clark on a more modernized vessel.

I contacted a Pirate in Cerritos, and now I have contacted a Penguin. Unfortunately both are still potentials and haven't invited us back yet :P

I bet this will bring back some memories from when we went as a family.

I didn't get this picture in the MTC, so I decided to do it today. But instead of pointing to my mission, or where I am from originally, I am pointing to my second home: Michuacan, Mexico :P

this is all the pictures I will send now. I took quite a bit and it would take alot of emails to send them. So y'all have to wait till I get home.

Have a good week!!

Elder Roberts