Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept. 15, 2014

Well hello there,

This email is coming to y'all from sunny Long Beach. Right now temperatures are hovering in the mid-90's with humidity through the roof. But this heat won't stop those wearing the famous white shirts, ties, and black plaques as they continue to bring the world the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us know go to our top missionary, Elder Roberts, as he describes how the work is going in his area "Long Beach 16 G." Elder Roberts?

Thank you. Well my area is located more north and west of downtown Long Beach, basically covers everything west of the Long Beach Airport between the streets Carsons and Willow. My companion is Elder Higley (Yes the same Elder Higley that was in my MTC District, and in the same ward as me in Whittier). We live in an apartment that is pretty nice, just always super hot during the day (No AC :( ) We are serving in the Long Beach 16th Spanish ward with 4 other companionships. This is actually the biggest ward in the mission; in the past it used to have 22 missionaries, but has slowly been lowered down to 10 missionaries. We are on a member dinner program and have eaten every
day for the past week, got to love that delicious mexican food. The work is doing all right in our area. We have basically 2 investigators right now, we dropped several this past week.

This past week we were focusing on finding new people. We would choose a couple potentials or formers in our area book, try contacting them, and then work in that area by means of knocking and contacting. We had a little bit of success by finding potentials, but didn't really teach anything. We did receive quite a bit of help from other missionaries who have given us several referrals. Then also at church we had two members come up to us and say they have friends who are willing to listen to the missionaries. So that definitely stregthened my testimony that the Lord is helping the work progress in our area. We already have some solid plans to try different methods other than
knocking to find new people to teach.

As for the ward, like I said, it is the biggest ward in the mission. The members are willing to help us out quite a bit. They are always willing to come to lessons with us, and really want their friends to
receive the Gospel as well. The ward definitely is a little different that past wards I have served in, but I am sure I will adjust to the change soon. As for our correlation meetings we usually focus on our investigators and relay the info about them. Then we also focus on how can we help the wards be more united in missionary work. Usually it leads to planning some sort of activity as a ward, or focusing on families to help us in the work. It has help them in the past, so we will see how it will continue growing.

Well that finishes up my report here in Long Beach. This week have a lot of great activities planned, and have set some really solid goals for this week. The next part is making plans to accomplish those
goals. It is going to stretch us quite a bit for this week, but we know that when we do everything we can, the Lord will really help us accomplish those goals. Stay tuned next week for more updates in the Lord's work. Reporting semi-live from Long Beach, CA this is Elder Roberts. See you next week.


Elder Roberts

La familia Pinillos. The mom is a member, but her oldest son, Michael isn't we were working with him to help him be baptized. Super cool family.

La familia Villegas. This is the brother of Geraldo Villegas. They are members and are working to be sealed in the temple. They were members in my area.

Last pictures with Geraldo and Roxanna. Mis papas de Mexico, los aguacateros de Michoacan.

We were on a bit of a Star Wars Lego rage in my last area, so here are the two ships of my fleet :)