Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Well I am sure that all of you guys are anxious for the details of my new companion, mi hijo. His name is Elder Obray, he is from North Ogden Utah, he graduated from Weber High School and graduated in 2014, he worked for 6 months saving up money for the mission. We actually are pretty similar in likes and we are getting along pretty well. His spanish is actually pretty good, but he is a little hesitant to speak it, so I have been trying hard to get him to speak the language more. It is only the first week of being in the field so he is still getting used to the routine of everything. But little by little he will adjust and be a great missionary.

There wasn't any other changes in our ward as far as missionary assignments. As for Elder Arias he is working in Long Beach East Stake which I think is right next to our stake. It was interesting going by members and our investigators and Elder Arias not being with me. But everyone was super nice and welcomed Elder Obray with open arms.

Sounds like USU had a great indoor season. I am shocked that Clay won the 800; if I remember correctly he has never ran the 800 until he started at USU, and now he is the Mountain West Champion. He is going to be a boss the next 3 years. Man just seeing the success just makes me want to get back into the action. Hopefully that will be an option.

Well as for what happened this week. It wasn't a picture perfect week, but it was a learning week. We ended up dropping several of our investigators this week because they were just too hard to find and weren't keeping their commitments. So we decided it was better to drop them and look for more people. We were able to find 3 new investigators this week which helped out, including possibly a family to teach. So the Lord definitely is helping us out to find new people and help them come closer to Him. So this week is going to be a week of finding, talking to everyone, and helping our current investigators progress. It is going to be interesting because this week is full of meetings: Tomorrow I have Leadership Training until 4, Thursday we have Zone Conference, and Friday we have Zone Meeting. But it will be a good week of diligence and hard work.

Actually I am really excited for what is going to happen this week. Yesterday during my personal study I finished my Book of Mormon study of Christ-like Attributes. One that stuck out to me, and I really applied to myself, was in Moroni 9. Mormon is encouraging his son, Moroni, to remain diligent in his calling to spread the Gospel. We know up to this point that the Nephites had fallen away from the Gospel and any attempts to teach them the Gospel had no effect. But, as I read verse 6 it clicked to me that this verse applied to where we were in our personal efforts to share the Gospel to those in our area. So it got me thinking that Mormon is talking to me personally to not give up, no matter how many times we get rejected or the number of investigators we dropped last week. He remained faithful until the end, so why should I give in and coast to the end? Just something that got me thinking and got me excited for this week.

Well those are the highlights for the week. Like I said this was a learning week for me and my companion. But I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and see what are the limits I can reach these last few months. For how fast February flew by, I am really scared for how fast March and April will go by. I know that mom is freaking out due to the fact that she received an email for my travel itinerary. But there still is enough time to labor hard here in the California Long Beach Mission.

Love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Roberts

I apologize because I don't have a picture of my son. But I will get one next week. BYE!!