Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 24, 2015

Well hello everyone,

Ok so if you didn't see why I am emailing on Tuesday is because we went to the temple today so we changed our P-day. If you haven't already, check out the photos from our temple trip they are pretty good. Me and mijo definitely tried to look good looking for y'all along with our "Gringo Thug" picture :)

I sure hope Mom is feeling better from her cold. Elder Obray got a pretty nasty cold when he first got here, then he got feeling better, and then got sick again due to the crazy California weather here. Plus one of our investigators got sick with Bronchitis and has been coughing up a lung, according to her words. So things are definitely getting crazy all over so do the basic to avoid getting sick. Things should start warming up here again so that will be exciting.

Thanks for the update for USU Track. Those are some pretty fast times so I am excited to get back and see what I can do. Looks like they are already looking strong going into the outdoor season. I can't believe how close they were to us. Irvine in about a 10 minute drive outside of our mission. Good thing I didn't know or else I might have taken a little road trip ;P I am kidding that would be a serious apostate decision.

Well things are going well for us here in the great California Long Beach Mission. We just finished up week 4 of this transfer so time is definitely flying by. We had a good rewarding week I won't lie. Looking back I can't see anything that I did personally, everything was a miracle and blessing from our Heavenly Father.

So update on Eduarda. We weren't able to teach her on Tuesday as usual because I got lazy and assumed that Mutual would be at the church, but it wasn't. Plus she wasn't able to come to church on Sunday because her daughter, Angie, had a bad sore throat and had to go to the doctor. However we were able to visit with her Sunday night mostly to follow up with some commitments we had left her. She has been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon, like A LOT. She was halfway through with Enos and we finished that up with her during our visit. Not only is she reading, but she is marking and highlighting verses that stick out to her. Yeah I have never had an investigator that has done that. Plus her daughters were really excited to see us when we came by. So there are several changes to this family's life and they are recognizing it. Such a great example of obedience and gratitude to me.

This week we found 3 new investigators to begin teaching. One of them, se llama Rodger, really showed interest in what we share. So we found him looking for another potential and we just started talking about the family and the blessings God has for the family. Well he said he had to leave right then, but invited us back later that evening to talk more. So we showed up and we had an awesome visit. He expressed to us that the reason he let us come back was because he loves his family so much and really wants to learn how he can be with them forever. He recently lost his dad and he now feels the responsibility to take care of his family. So I was really humbled to see how God can lead us to his prepared children.

Another cool experience. So all day Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Jenkins in my area. Going into Saturday we only had 1 set lesson at 11 which got cancelled. That night I remember just begging the Lord to help us have a successful exchange and meet our goals. The next day was probably one of the most perfect days on my mission. We were exactly obedient, we had perfect studies, and then we worked super hard that day. By the end of the exchange we had talked to 19 people, we found 2 new investigators, and we set up several return appointments for this week. I was so grateful that the Lord guided us in this exchange, after we did everything that we could. At that moment the scripture D&C 123:17 came to my mind and really changed my mindset for my mission.

One more cool experience. So on Sunday Elder Obray and I were trying by some members we didn't know and wanted to meet. Well we show up to this one house and it looks like it is abandoned, the lights weren't on, the grass hadn't been cut for a while, and just looked wrong. We knocked on the door and literally 5 seconds later we both say, "This doesn't feel right we need to go now." We followed that impression and left immediately. After driving away a bit, we stopped and since we both had the same impression about the house we decided to pray and ask God where He wanted us to go. We both got the impression to try by another Less-Active. We show up and he answers the door and we begin talking about goals that he has in life. He expressed his desire to learn English so that he can communicate better in his work. Well, we offered to teach him since the Church has a really good program to learn English. He got super excited and invited us back to teach him English.

From that experience, I learned a little bit better how the Spirit works with us, and within a companionship. Now that both Elder Obray and I know how it feels, we are definitely going to apply it more in our work so that we do His work His way.

Well sorry this email was so long, hopefully everyone is still awake. I will start wrapping things up. This week I learned just a little bit more about how God wants us to do His work. I learned that it is by us doing everything within our power that God will reveal His arm to us. I learned that the Spirit is the one who leads us to those who are prepared, and gives us the words to share with them. I learned that God's plan is perfect for us and it is a great blessing to know His plan. I am so grateful for all that happened this week.

Hope everyone has a good week! Trust in the Lord in all things and He will guide you in all things. I know that He loves us and that is why He is so involved in our life. He will guide us, He has promised us His Spirit to be with us and to guide us. Seek for that guidance and I promise you that you will find it.

Elder Roberts