Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Wow I can't believe it! You guys went to Zion's National Park without ME?? Not only that, but you hiked Angels Landing without ME??? Man I am disappointed.... I believe it was me who was begging to go to Zions and we never did. Thanks for the photos though, it looks like it was a fun trip. Maybe I should just beg more when I get home and maybe we will go ;P

Well the good thing about Temple P-days is that the next p-day just comes that much faster. I actually can't believe how fast this week went by and we are now starting the last week of the transfer. So that just means this week will fly by that much faster. I guess that means we should just buckle down even harder and finish off the transfer strong.

So some updates on Eduarda and her daughters. We were able to teach her once this week mostly just to follow up with her reading and making sure she can come to church. Right now she is in Omni and just loves what she is reading. She expressed how she usually reads when she gets home from work and that can be pretty hard, but she said she always find some sort of strength to read. She wasn't able to come to church this week because she had to work which lead her daughters not wanting to go alone. But we are hoping to get them to mutual on Tuesday so that we can teach them all again. So little by little things are going good with them.

One highlight of the week was with our investigator Maria. She has never attended a sacrament meeting, or even seen our chapels. We mentioned to her that we could do a church tour with her and show her which really got her excited. On the day we set the church tour she got sick and couldn't come, this was last week. However, on Tuesday she called us and asked if she could go see the chapel. So we booked it to the building and she was waiting for us. We had an awesome church tour and she really liked the main chapel where we hold Sacrament meeting. As we were leaving she said she would come no matter what. Well on Sunday we were looking for her and we just couldn't find her. Just as I was about to call her, we saw her sitting with two other sisters talking.The members did such an awesome job fellowshipping her that we almost didn't see her. She really liked the meeting and we will follow up with her on Tuesday. So that was an awesome miracle to have had.

On Thursday we had a really good lesson with our investigator Cecilia. We found her earlier this transfer and just hadn't had a lot of luck finding her again. Well on Thursday we decided that if we didn't find her we were probably going to stop going by. As we pulled into the cult de sac she saw us and was waiting for us to grab our bags. We had a short 15 minute lesson with her about the Restoration and things just seemed to click with her. When we asked her to pray and ask if it was true, she said that she felt it was true and had received an answer. We were pretty shocked to hear that and just left her with the invite to go to church. She didn't come this week because she had another commitment on Sunday. But she said we could come back to teach more and that she will try to go to church this week. So that was awesome to see how the Spirit just testified to her that these things were true.

On Saturday I did my last exchange with Elder Rebolloso. It wasn't the must successful exchange because of some bike repairs, not with my bike just a flat tire in Elder Obray's bike. So that took some time and it kinda got me discouraged because we had to take time to get it fixed instead of working. However, Elder Rebolloso really showed me that no matter the situation you just dig in hard and finish things as strong as you can. By the end of the exchange we had talked to over 15 people and invited them to learn more about the gospel, and we almost set a baptismal date with one of our investigators. So it was a pretty good exchange, I loved working with Elder Rebolloso he is such a hard working Elder and will see many miracles in his mission.

Well that is an update for what is happening here in the Great California Long Beach Mission. Like I said this is the last week of the transfer which is kind of scaring me knowing that my last transfer is just around the corner. But I am excited for the challenges that will come these next 7 weeks. I am so grateful to be working in this area with such great elders around me. We are truly having great success and it is exciting to see. There definitely is no excuse to slack off and coast to the end. We are going into that last 500 meters of the race, time to dig in and finish off with a hard sprint to the end.

Thanks for everything you guys do. Hope you all have a good week! Te Quiero mucho!!

Elder Roberts