Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19th, 2013

Hey guys,
So ya we are starting week 6 in the mission. I am almost 1/16 of the way done with the mission, and I can't believe how fast this first month has gone by. It literally feels like I got here two days ago. Just goes to show how fast things go by when you are anxiously engaged in a good cause and we need to take advantage of every possible moment in this life.
So to follow up with you question about our baptism. It didn't happen. Like I said the hermano we were going to baptized didn't get the papers he needed to get married and is waiting for them still. But we had dinner with them last night and he said that they are on the way and will be here in the next 2-3 weeks. So hopefully we will be having a baptism next transfer.
So other than that, this week has been super hard. First of we did exchanges again, and I led our area again, so that was fun. We did commit one of our investigators to get baptized in September so that was good. But other than that, this week has been really hard. Our appointments are falling through like crazy and we just can't contact our investigators to teach them and help them keep their commitments. So far it has been teach 1 lesson, then we can't get ahold of them for the next 1-2 weeks because they are working. Then to top it off, we got in a fender bender on Saturday with our car. No one was hurt, but it damaged our car a little bit on the bumper. So ya that was a great way to end the week. It has been super hard, but at the same time a really good learning experience about perseverance and diligence.
Looking back on the week I could definitely tell that I was just going through the motions of a missionary, and not really putting forth a good effort to find, teach, and invite others to come unto Christ. It is crazy how you can get into a rut like that and just go through the motions every day. I have made it a goal recently to treat every day like it was when I was in school at USU and had practice everyday. To go the practice not knowing what to do, and to be prepared as best as I can to work hard. Then when I see the opportunity, to work hard at it and perfect it as best as I can. So hopefully with that mentality we can see a difference in our area and start meeting with our investigators.
So ya nothing really else going on. Hopefully next week I will have some more experiences to talk about. Most likely I will stay in this area for another 6 weeks to finish out my training. I am getting more settled into the area and with the people. The Spanish is slowly improving. Me and Elder Kunz are playing a game every day where we talk in pure Spanish for the entire day, and every time we talk in English we get a point and we keep track of the points for the entire week. Then whoever has the most points has to buy the other person a chocolate milk. It has helped out a tons and I can understand the people a little better. I am in the stage where I can understand a few phrases and can pick out more words, plus it doesn't seem like they are talking as fast, but they are still talking fast. But with time it will improve.
Hope all is going well. Glad to hear you guys are settling into the new ward nicely. Just remember to take advantage of every opportunity to serve.
Elder Roberts