Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Hi papas,
Wow I cannot believe it is Monday already. It literally felt like two days ago I was emailing you guys. Elder Kunz kept telling me that the last week of transfers always flies by and he was correct. Just to quickly cover a few things:
 1. Elder Kunz and I are staying in the same area for another transfer. None of us received leaderships calls. The only change that occurred was we have one Elder that is going home tomorrow, so another Elder is coming in from a different area. Plus the new Elder will be our District Leader. 
2. To answer Mom's question. With exchanges, we do it within our district. So the District Leader will either go to another companionships' area, or have an Elder come to his area with the other Elder doing the vice versa (Hopefully that make sense). We usually do 2 exchanges per transfer so the District Leader can work with every missionary in the district. So the first time we did exchanges, I stayed in our area with our district leader and Elder Kunz went to his area. The second time I stayed in our area and the companion of our district leader came to our area. So both times I was the senior companion and lead the area, which means I was in charge of planning and getting us to appointments and investigators' homes. Hopefully that answers your question.
3. The language is getting better and I am getting more comfortable speaking it. I am glad you guys like our game. So far we each have won 1 time. This past week was really close it came down to Sunday night during our planning session and I said "Cool" instead of "Chido" so I was pretty angry about it. But it is helping and hopefully will hurt Elder Kunz's wallet more than my wallet :)
Well this week was so much better. We pretty much were able to teach two to four lessons a day which was awesome. We were able to teach some investigators that we hadn't visited for a while which was great as well. But more importantly this week we committed 3 people to baptism which is awesome. There was one hermana that we invited to be baptized and she didn't let me finish the baptism invitation, I said "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized...." and she said yes. It was cool to see how prepared she was after investigating the church for over 4 years. Plus the other exciting thing that happened this week was we had an investigator come to church. For 4 of the 6 weeks in the transfer we didn't have an investigator come to church so we couldn't count them as a progressing investigator. But yesterday the same hermana that we invited to be baptized came to church. Man me and Elder Kunz were so happy and are so excited to help her enter into the covenant of baptism.
So ya this week has been bomb. It was great to it too because the past two weeks were really hard and we didn't have much success. But it was great to see how the Lord does help us in His work when we really focus on doing it His way, and not the normal routine. It was also cool because I could see the Lord helping me with my Spanish as well. On Saturday the Elders Quorum did a bbq (Mexican style bbq are pretty cool by the way and different than American bbq) and I was able to understand the other hermanos as well as talk back to them. So it is really cool to see how the Lord helps His servants when they do the things that are helping the work progress.
Well I think that is pretty much it. Hope all is going well back home. Good luck with the school year this year. Hopefully it won't go by too fast, but I wouldn't count on it. Looking back, the past 3 months have flown by so I wouldn't think it would slow down for school.
Love you all,
Elder Roberts