Thursday, January 9, 2014

December 6, 2013 La Caida (The Fall)

Hey everyone,
So I bet based on the subject you are thinking about the Fall of Adam and Eve right? Well that is wrong. I will get to that in a few minutes. But how is everyone doing? I hope eveyone had a good New Years and are ready for the new year. 2014 kinda has a good ring to it doesn't it? I hope everyone has a great new year.
So just a few crazy updates for this week. So last week Elder Beck and I were getting things ready for his new companion to come and help me get ready to move to my new companions apartment. Well then we get a call from the Assistants saying the Elder Beck's new companion wasn't even in the mission and won't get here until the following Wednesday (8th of January). So they advised us to form a trio with me, Elder Beck, and my companion Elder Awerkamp and to work both of our areas for the next week and a half. So that is exactly what we did, Elder Beck moved into our apartment for the week and we have been working as a trio this past week. It has been alot of fun, and we were able to get quite of bit of work done. So this wednesday, hopefully, Elder Beck's companion will arrive and we will go back to working our respective areas.
All right now to explain the subject "La Caida." Just to give a bit of background info, I have been drinking alot of water the past weeks due to the hot temperatures, which in turn leads to several bathroom breaks in the morning. So on Friday we had our weekly district meeting in the morning, however it was a zone meeting because it is the first week of the month. Our meetings are usually 2 hours long. Well about 45 minutes into the meeting I get the urge to use the restroom, but fight it off for another 15 minutes and would try to go at the top of the hour. Well then our Mission President showed up to our meeting and I knew I really couldn't go use the restroom now. As the meeting started winding down, President Tew stood up to talk to us a little bit. Well during that time I am feeling really discomfortable and a little nauseas due to holding it in. So I stepped out to use the restroom, make it and start doing my business. Well I don't remember much after that only that my companion was shouting at me and I was looking up at the ceiling. Yep I passed out while using the restroom.
After words I felt pretty cold and was trembling a little bit. I don't know if it was shock, or embarrassment. They took me to an Urgent Care so they could check to see if I was OK. Everything was find, just a small contusion due to hitting my head when I came down, a my blood sugar levels were a little low. So they sent me home and we stayed in the apartment for the rest of the night. I am fine right now, and learned that you can't hold the urge to go for more than two hours.
So ya just so you know I used the family insurance card for the visit to the urgent care. Hopefully that was ok and it doesn't screw anything up. They accepted the card and went through with everything so I assume it was ok. If not just let me know.
Well other than that crazy news this week has been good. That is so cool that you got a letter from Elder Richey. He is by far my favorite zone leader so far, and I had the opportunity of doing an exchange with him before we went home. He is a super cool elder and I am super glad I had the opportunity to work with him.
As far as our area goes, it is struggling. The Elders before I came had a hard time getting out to work it due to health reasons. But we have some great plans to get it up and going in the coming weeks. It is going to interesting to see how things go because it is pretty big, but there is tons of potential in this area. I am super excited to get working it and help others come unto Christ.
Well this is turning into a novel right now. Thanks for all you love and support. I can feel of your love and support every day and I am so glad to have such great family and friends. Have a Happy New Year and may the Lord bless you all.
Elder Roberts