Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Welcome to the first p-day of March!! Kinda crazy to believe, but it has arrived. Also week 3 of this transfer has begun. The past two weeks have just flown by it is insane. It makes me worried about the rest of this transfer because it always gets faster at the end of the transfer. But nothing to much we can do about time right, just keep pressing forward.
Like most of you all know, we got pounded with rain the last 3 days. Mostly Friday and pretty hard on Saturday. But it was amazing!! Not only is it an answer to our fast we did last month, but it was fun to be out working in it. It also was a good way to get into peoples' homes because they didn't want us getting wet and sick. Overall we didn't receive any damage as far as nature wise, just the streets are a mess due to all of the trees in Whittier. Makes me super nervous to bike because I don't want anything to puncture my tire. But overall it was fun, and a good week.
Good to hear that things went well with Bridget and her campus tour. I remember my time visiting the campuses, and really digging deep to see what the campus can offer to me. It was a blast and I am glad that she had a good experience. If she does go down to SUU she will have to keep an eye out for Brother Kunz (He isn't a missionary any more).
So this week turned out to be a very successful week. Not only because of the rain, but because the Lord is really blessing us right now. We were able to find some new investigators, get members out to lessons with us, and to top it all off we had 4 investigators come to church yesterday. It was awesome, and they both had a very spiritual experience. In fact, one of them, hno. Berriel, shared his testimony about learning about the gospel and the power of prayer in both sunday school and priesthood. He is doing really well and having some really great experiences with the gospel.
The thing we are realy working hard at doing this transfer is member presents with every set lesson we have. I really believe that the 4 people that came to church today came because they had a familiar face that they could sit by. Also because they had heard of the experiences that these members have had because they come to church. It is such a small thing, but has such an important role in the conversion of these people. So for everyone back home, I invite you to meet the missionaries that work in your ward/stake, and go out on splits with them. Even if they don't have set lessons, still offer to go. I can promise you that the experience you will have is amazing. You truly will feel the joy of missionary work, and come to understand missionary work a little bit better.
Well I am going to end here. Thank you all for you love and support, I know that the Lord is blessing you all.I am so grateful for this opportunity to be His missionary, and help His children here in Whittier. He is truly guiding us to those who are prepared, and is giving us the words to speak that will touch their hearts.
Love you all,
Elder Roberts