Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Buenos Dias,
Man I cannot believe it is P-day already. It literally felt like I was
here only a couple days ago emailing you guys. This week passed by so
fast looking back on it now. During the week it didn't feel so, but it
really did fly by. I think it felt like if went by slow because it was
super hot. We hit temperatures in the low 100's for 3 straight days
and it was super hard. But we endured through and now the week is

Sounds like you guys did have a super crazy weekend. I agree with mom
it is awesome to see how smooth the transition is between church
leaders. It was super cool reading how it all works in dad's email, it
definitely is a revelatory experience and amazing to see how the Lord
directs His church. I am with mom, I really don't know President Price
or President Diderickson. But I am super excited for President Godderidge, he is an awesome leader and will do a lot of great things a
the first counselor.

Thanks for the updates for track. Kyler told me that Tyson beat my 800
record. Sounds like it was super competitive this year which is
awesome. I don't have Tyson's email address so you will have to send
him a congrats through my facebook or something. Thanks for sending
that stuff so fast, I wasn't expecting it to soon, but thanks :) To
answer your question my companion and I don't have a car, but if I do
get to use a car soon I will have the thumb drive to listen to music
and talks as well. It is just weird that we can use thumb drives but
not iPods.... Quien sabe.

So this week like I said was just super hot and was very hard to stay
focused on the work. It started off a little slow, but like always it
picked up after Thursday. A theme we have as a zone this transfer it
talking with everyone that the Lord puts into our path. The past few
district meetings and zone meetings have been about this. To be honest
this has been one of my biggest weaknesses on the mission. But slowly
I have been getting better. I have been studying Chapter 9 of Preach
my Gospel pretty thoroughly and it has helped my increase my faith
that God is preparing His children to receive the Restored Gospel.
I did exchanges with our District Leader Elder Gonzalez on Saturday
and we made it a goal to focus on contacting during our exchange. It
started off with a super good personal study in the morning in Preach
my Gospel and the Scriptures. Two scriptures stuck out to me: D&C
24:12 and D&C 60:2,7. Both really just opened my eyes that it is a
commandment that as missionaries we need to talk to EVERYONE, and how
God will give us the strength, courage, and words to share with His
children. After that we went out and started working, passing by a few
potentials and members. Well in just 2 hours we talked with 11 people!
By the end of the exchange we had talked with 15 people that day. It
really increased my faith that there are people waiting to receive the
Gospel and how they are truly searching for the truth, and that is why
I am here: To bring the Restored Gospel to those searching for the

I know that this is God's work in the Earth. I am so grateful for His
guidance in this work and the help I receive every day. I am so
grateful that He is helping me overcome my weaknesses and I strive to
improve and do my part to improve as well. I know that it would be
very difficult to make such changes without His help and the help of
my leaders. I am so grateful for Elder Gonzalez and his love, and
desire, to help others improve.
Thank you for everything you do for me. Hope you all have a good weekend!
Elder Roberts

I was going to put this into my other email, but forgot.
While on Exchanges Elder Gonzalez and I contacted a family doing some
yard work, so we stopped to offer help and ask for some water. Later
we saw that they had a giant turtle just wandering their yard. So we
got a couple pictures with it.

I was going through my pictures and found a few more that people
might enjoy.

Picture 1.
This is what happens when you get 8 missionaries together after our
missionary correlation meeting. We stuff ourselves into a 2013 Toyota

Picture 2.
Ya that's right we contacted a Pirate :)