Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 15th, 2014

Buenas Tardes!

Man the weeks are really starting to fly by super fast now. This weekwon't be an exception either. If you are wondering why I didn't email yesterday is because we went to the temple today. But it was a pretty hectic trip. First off our alarm didn't go off when we wanted it too, so we didn't wake up until 6:00 am plus Elder Smyer had to be at the airport at 5:45 to make is flight. So we quickly got ready and met our members at the church to take off. Well we arrived to the temple about 30 minutes late and missed our session, so we ended up doing initiatories because the member who took us to the temple could wait for us to go through the next session. So it was a super quick temple trip. I was kinda sad not to do a session, especially I felt bad for the other companionship who came with us, but it reminded me that there is a lot more work to be done in the temple than the endowment session. Still a solid temple trip.

So ya this week we were working in a trio and we had a blast. A lot of missionaries don't like working in trios because there is always one Elder who gets left out of everything. But that wasn't the case with us this week. We actually really worked together, and we taught in unity super well. Plus we had a super fun time together. I am going to send another email with some pictures and what we did :) I actually was really sad to see Elder Smyer go home today. He is such a good missionary and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work with him. He taught me a lot through words, and actions. He definitely set a good example to me, and those all around him, about missionary work and joy in this work.

To answer your question about Manuel and Jenny, they did not get baptized this weekend. We haven't taught them for over 2 weeks because they are super stressed about finding a new apartment. They haven't
had any success finding one here in Bellflower, so they have been looking at apartments outside of the zone. We are hoping they can find something here in the zone, but we know the Lord will guide them to where they need to be in order to be happy. We are going to meet with them tomorrow and will get all of the details.

So Elder Packer and I will be taking over the area now for the final two weeks of this transfer. Elder Packer is such a cool guy and we will definitely get along super well. He is from San Antonio, Texas and has about 7 months in the mission but his spanish is super good. He has settled right back into the work which is awesome and I am super excited to work with him. Our area is exploding right now which is awesome. We are finding alot of cool people to teach, we are getting members out to work with us, and our investigators are coming to church and experiencing the Spirit super strong. The Lord is definitely blessing us in this area and we are super excited to continue to find those who the Lord has prepared.

Well that is pretty much the week. Stay tuned for more details after the break :) Mean while enjoy these photos of our recent temple trip.

Elder Roberts

So this is a tradition Elder Smyer has. When ever an Elder is about to
die we take killing photos. Which basically means that whoever is the
Elder(s) killing the dead Elder, you take pictures of them doing it.
Don't worry no harm was inflicted on Elder Smyer. Haha this is one of
the pictures we took while we were hyped up on sugar on 7-11 day. Haha


Hope you all enjoyed 7-11 day this past Friday. We definitely did! For
those of you who don't know on this day you can get free slurpees from
7-11 all day long. So pretty much our companionship set a goal that
when ever we passed, or saw, as 7-11 we would stop and grab a slurpee.
Haha we had a super fun time, and by the end of the day we each had
consumed 10 Slurpees ant 8 different 7-11 stations! Man we were pretty
hyped up on sugar that night, and then just crashed. Haha definitely
one for the book!

Enjoy the Pics!!