Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 7th, 2014

Que tal?

Man sounds like your guys week was crazy and full of surprises just like our was. You will have to pass along my condolences to Katie and her family and let them know I will be praying for them in this hard
time for them. Definitely a good way to show our love for our friends as we do all we can to support them in their trials.

To answer your questions about the 4th of July it was a pretty chill day. Our mission president didn't really give any rules for what we could and couldn't do. So we pretty much assumed that we needed to follow the rules in the missionary handbook. We taught a lesson in the morning, and tried to work for the rest of the day. However there was a soccer game during the afternoon, Brasil vs. Colombia. So we got
together with another companionship and watched the 2nd half of the game. Afterwords we we visited with a few investigators who were having a little party in their neighborhood. We had our weekly correlation meeting that night till 8. Then we went with some Elders to their recent convert's house and watched them set off some fireworks which was exciting. So ya that was our day, still successful and divertido.

So this week was kinda crazy. Elder Smyer woke up Tuesday morning feeling pretty sick, with a fever, vomit and diarrhea. He was sick all day Tuesday and Wednesday which meant very little work got done, and being stuck indoor all day. It kinda sucked, but you got to support your companion. By Thursday he felt tons better and we were able to resume working.

Yesterday we found out what will happen when Elder Smyer goes home in a week, and it starts today. We will be getting a missionary who went home for a little bit but is coming back. We are going to pick him up
today. His name is Elder Packer, he actually started the mission with me just was in a different district at the MTC. He is a pretty chill Elder and I am excited to work with him. So we will be working in a trio for this week then we will ship Elder Smyer back home next Tuesday. I am actually kind sad to see him go home. I have learned a lot from him and he has helped me out a ton. So I will have to take advantage of this last week with him.

So an update with Manuel, Jenny and Nick Garcia. He was able to get a little bit of support from his workers comp. and it was enough that his family could stay in their apartment for this month. This was super good. It gives them time to find another apartment and to get the money necessary to make the initial payments. As far as their baptismal dates, we have to set another date with Jenny because she has only come to church once; Manuel's date still is good, but we still have several lessons to teach so we might end up moving his back as well. We are really praying hard for them so they can prepare to make this important covenant with God. We haven't been able to contact them for a couple days because they have been busy trying to find another apartment. We are really hoping that we can find them this week and help them feel the peace from the Gospel.

What a great experience you guys had with Sister Hymas. It is cool to see the different opportunities the Lord gives us isn't it? That is something I have really seen in the mission. I remember early in my mission Elder Kunz and I had a super hard week in which everything was falling through and I was getting a little discouraged. I remember Elder Kunz telling me that it all starts with my attitude and how I see things. Then he challenged me to write in my journal of one good thing that happened that day and something I learned. So I did and it was cool to see how things started to change that occurred. So I am a strong believer of positive attitude, and looking for the good in everything. I know that when we do so, we will have those
opportunities to strengthen our testimony and show our faith in God. Such a simple concept, but one that can change our lives for the better.

Well I better end this epistle so you can focus on the Family Reunion. I hope you all have a fun time! Say hi to everyone there and let them know how grateful I am of their love and support. Hopefully it is cooler in Island Park than it is here. :) Have a good week!


Elder Roberts