Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21st, 2014

Well another week has just flown by again. This is not a big surprise because when we go to the temple we usually have our zone conference. So this week went by super, super fast. We had a really good zone conference on Friday; I am starting to see the importance of zone conference and how much we can learn in this conference. It was cool because President Tew gave a training on changing and some factors that help us change. From what he shared I was able to relate, and shared, to what Dad always told me when we started a xc/track season:"Dream it, Say it, Do it." It was cool to see how this principle can be applied in our lives. It also put into perspective that change is possible with the right mind set, desire, and hard work with strong faith in the Savior to help us. It was such a good training.

Well like the subject line says this week was also pretty difficult. Mostly because I broke myself on Tuesday. I sprained my ankle pretty bad playing sports. It was pretty swollen afterwords, so swollen that we didn't even go out to work that night so I could ice it and rest it. We went to our mission nurse the following day and she taped me up to help it heal as fast as possible. She also said that I need to rest it as much as possible. So this week we spent several days stuck in the apartment which sucked. Right now the swelling is down and the pain isn't too bad, but I still need to be careful this week. I think we will be able to get out and work more this week thank goodness. It sucks a lot to be stuck in the apartment knowing that there are people who need the Gospel. We are really going to work hard this week to find more people to teach.

As far as the situation with Manuel and Jenny they are still looking for an apartment. We haven't been able to meet with him regularly because he is always out looking apartments. They found a potential apartment but it is outside of the mission. So we are working hard to help them find something within the mission, if possible in the zone. But at the same time if this is going to be their only option we will pass on their info to the other mission so they can keep learning about the Gospel. We are going to see what happens this week.

We spent a lot of time with one of our investigators, Geraldo, and he is progressing very well. We have set up a consistent time to meet with him with a member, he has come to church the past 3 Sundays, and he loves learning about the Gospel. He actually is the brother to a member in the ward, plus he is living with his girlfriend who also is a member. He also has received all the lessons before but just wouldn't come to church. Well he has taken some very large strides the past 3 weeks. We invited him to be baptized and he said yes because he feels like something is missing from his life right now. However he wouldn't accept a date because he knows how important baptism is. Plus he needs to get divorced from his wife in Mexico and get married to his girlfriend. So this week we will be focusing on helping him start his divorce papers, understand the importance of baptism and the blessings that come from it, and help him receive the blessings that come from the Gospel.

Well that is pretty much the highlights of the week. Like I said we really want to get out this week and work hard. We ended up dropping several investigators this past week so we really need to focus on finding new people to teach this week. We are definitely put into practice the training from President Tew in our zone conference this week. Change the dynamics of what we are doing so we can have success in this work. I know He will guide us to His children that He has prepared and we will be guided in what to share with them. This should be good week!

Love you all,

Elder Roberts