Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct. 13, 2014

Hello Jovenes,

Hopefully this greeting will please mom just a little bit :) Sounds like things are settling down with you guys right? Haha I have always been saying that once we reach October the year is over. So far it is holding up as we are almost halfway done with October. This past transfer just flew by like it was nothing. It isn't fair that the transfers are starting to fly by :( Maybe this new transfer will last a little longer since it is 7 weeks. Nothing is happening with Elder Higley and I. We are staying together for another transfer and we are super excited for this new transfer. Especially since there are two holidays this transfer: Halloween and Thanksgiving. But we are also super excited for the opportunities to share the Gospel with those in our area.

So to answer mom's question. The reason that there aren't any Sister is in the Long Beach Zones is due to the safety of the area. To be honest I don't know the specifics of it, I just know that the church in a whole usually advises mission presidents to assign sister missionaries to less-dangerous areas. So I think it is mostly due to history of the areas. I am actually super glad that I swapped out my axles for Anti-Theft because there is one Elder in our zone that in his two transfers here, his wheels and seat got stolen. Crazy California!

Answer #2 for Mom: The only news I have heard from those I taught in Bellflower was that Michael Pinillos is going to be baptized this coming Saturday. So I am hoping that President gives me permission to go back and see the baptism service. I haven't heard anything from Geraldo, but Elder Gonzalez told me that he is still strong and working hard to be baptized. I know that he has great desires to be baptized so I know he is working super hard to achieve that goal.

Well I have no idea what to include more in this email. This last week of the transfer flew by that I honestly have no idea what we did. Tuesday we went to the temple, Wednesday and Thursday were regular working days, Friday the other spanish missionaries in our ward helped us find more people to teach. We have been finding pretty regularly in our area, but we haven't been able to help them progress and usually have had to drop them shortly afterwords. But the other Elders helped us see that there are alot of amazing prepared people in our area. So that really helped us increase our faith that we can find new people to receive the Restored Gospel, we just haven't been doing the little things that are important in this work. So we already have made some great goals and plans to really work hard this transfer.

To be completely honest, it was hard to stay focused this transfer and really work hard. Mostly due to the shortness of the transfer, and all the exciting meetings and activities this transfer such as Zone and General Conference and Temple trip. So I am kinda frustrated with myself that I let this transfer slip away without working completely hard in this great work. So this transfer I will be working extra hard to refocus myself in the work and increase my faith that we can find those prepared people in our area.

Well that pretty much sums up everything. I do have a couple favors to ask (You don't have to include this in the weekly blog): 1) can you send me another one of my towels? I kinda realized that I have been using the same towel for over 16 months and it is probably time to use a new one. 2) We have officially begun the Holiday season! And even though I am a missionary I would still like some Christmas ideas. So any suggestions for anyone will be greatly appreciated.

Hope you all have a great week. I know we are going to be super busy refocusing ourselves in this work. I know that this great work is true and it will continue to fill the earth until it has sounded in every ear, swept every continent and reached every clime.


Elder Roberts

p.s. Here is the pictures I promised

Picture 1
Elder Higley and I at the Los Angeles Temple last week.

Picture 2
Recognize this family?? We saw them at a missionary departure fireside and were super happy to see them. They are doing awesome and are loving the Gospel. You can definitely see a change in them.