Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct. 20, 2014

Hey buenos dias,

Freak can y'all believe that October is basically over? We are slowly creeping to the end of it and the night that all the missionaries get stuck inside cleaning their apartment. Pretty soon Thanksgiving will be here, and let's not even talk about Christmas.... SLOW DOWN!!!!

So more details about the ward I am serving in. It is a mix of old families and young ones. I say it is the biggest ward because there are over 700 members, but only about 250 come to church. So there are alot of less-actives in the ward. The YM/YW programs aren't as strong as the last ward I served in but poco a poco we are helping it get stronger. It is a good ward and the members are awesome, but I think it is fair to say that this is probably the hardest area I have served in my entire mission. There is a lot of wickedness here in Long Beach, but that is why missionaries are here!

I didn't even know there was Spanish missionaries serving in our stake. Do they cover more than one stake? Or are they specifically for your stake? I agree with Dad, it would be funny to hear Spanish with an English accent. I remember our last week in the MTC there was an Elder who came into our zone from England and I really wanted to hear him speak Spanish. Papi tienes que decirme como esta su espanol. Haha I never will get tired of Hispanic food. It is soooo good and I could eat it every day. For example last night we had some bomb taquitos de papa y queso y estuvieron muy ricos. And who can forget the chilies and salsa with every meal. Man now I know why I have gained so much weight on the mission..... Dang it :(

I know how Mom feels about guys who are my age are starting to come home. Usually every week I will check to see who has left on the mission from the stake, and every time I see those my age I think, "Freak they will be coming home soon....." So ya that is kinda weird to think about, but no importa we still have at least 7 months left to work super hard.

So this week was kinda of a interesting week. It started off a little slow due to some doctor appointments for Elder Higley and another Elder in our zone. So that took up most of Tuesday and Wednesday and it just made the start of the week drag on like crazy. But afterThursday, and a bomb district meeting, the week just flew by like it was nothing. We started teaching a former investigator named Ortencia and he is super prepared. We taught one of the best 1st lessons on my mission and she was so willing to act on what we shared. Plus we had two hermanas come with us the second time we taught her and immediately they befriended her. So we are going to really be working hard with her this week to invite her to be baptized and set that goal with her.

This week we did alot better with following the original mission standards and it was awesome to see the blessings for applying them. We invited more people to learn about the gospel and our number of potentials grew quite a bit. And those we taught, we did a better job establishing our expectations with them and teaching them the gospel simply and plainly. This week is already looking like a bomb week and we are super excited to build upon what we accomplished this past week.

Oh ya I almost forgot the most important detail of the week. You probably figured it out already if you saw the pictures, but..... Michael got baptized on Saturday! He was the kid we were teaching up in Cerritos and, not only was I able to go back for the baptism, but he asked me to baptize him. It was such an awesome experience and he is a boss kid. When we were in the changing room changing he said to me, "Me siento limpio" (I feel clean). That is one boss kid if he can feel that change. I was super grateful for the opportunity to go back and see him make that decision in his life. Plus he already is planning on going on a mission. So ya that was definitely the highlight of the week.

So ya that is a summary of what happened this past week. It was a good solid week one of this transfer. Like I said we really want to build upon what we did last week and help more people learn about the Gospel. This week is looking a little bit more free from distractions which will be good. Found out yesterday that we are doing exchanges with our DL tomorrow and I am going with him to his area..... In Compton. Hope I don't get shot ;) Haha jk everything will be fine don't y'all worry. Hope y'all have a good week. Enjoy your first week in Primary Mom!


Elder Roberts

p.s. Interesting fact that we found out. Long Beach is homed to the biggest shipping port in the USA and the 5 largest in the world. So there are tons of these crates being hauled around Long Beach every day. Well close by our apartment is where they store a bunch of them and I couldn't resist this picture. They are so HUGE!!! Haha Enjoy!