Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7, 2014

Hey old folks,

Man this week was chuck full of awesome experiences. Por eso the week fly by like it was nothing and we are in the last week of this transfer. To be completely honest I have no idea where to start explaining about what happened this week. But here we go.

So on Tuesday we get a call from our DL seeing how we were doing. We were kinda struggling to start the week, so he left us with a challenge to do for Wednesday: Contact 15 people, find a new investigator, and set a baptismal date with an investigator. To be honest when I first heard that, I thought "You are Crazy!" Our area is kinda struggling with the work so it was kinda hard to see us accomplishing that goal. But we accepted the challenge and started making solid plans to accomplish that goal. Well long story short, we contacted well over 15 people, and we found a new investigator who is super solid. It was super cool to see how inspired our DL was to challenge us to do something that seemed hard. And as we put forth our faith and do everything that we need to do as missionaries, how much the Lord guided us to those He has prepared to receive the Gospel.

Then on Thursday we had our Zone Conference. First to answer some questions you asked: We have about 16 missionaries in our zone. It is called the Celestial Zone because there are no Sister missionaries in this zone, or in any zone in Long Beach because it is too dangerous for them to be here. So at this zone conference there weren't any Sisters present. The topic for this zone conference was "Our Investigators progress because they feel something." So we focused on different ways we, as missionaries, can do to help our Investigators feel the Spirit so they can progress. It was a super good Zone Conference and it definitely changed the mentality of how to work with our Investigators.

So I bet you all are confused why I said in the subject line "And Movies." Well, I don't know if y'all know, but the Church is coming out with a movie to theatres called "Meet the Mormons." It is like a documentary that follows 6 families in the Church and they explain how the Church has blessed their lives, and it helps others know more about the Church. Well, one of the perks of being a missionary, we were able to see the movie at our Zone Conference so we can invite people to see it and answer questions. It is an awesome movie and I highly recommend going to it. It does an awesome job talking about the church and the blessings that come from it.

Then of course this weekend was General Conference. First off I have a question for dad: In the Saturday Afternoon session of Conference, Elder Eduardo Gavarret gave his talk in Spanish. Were you able to understand it? It was awesome that some members of the 70 gave their talk in their native language. For me, I listened to Elder Gavarret's talk in spanish, and then the last 1 of the Sunday Afternoon Session in Spanish. I was actually able to understand everything that they shared! So I am thinking that next time Conference comes around I am going to listen to more talks in Spanish. This definitely was a super good conference as always. I also really liked the Sunday Morning Session just because of the number of talks about the role of prophets and how to receive personal revelation. I can't wait to go back a review the talks given. Speaking of which, when the talks come out in the Ensigns and Liahonas can you send them to me?

So ya that was this week in a nut shell. And of course today we went to the Temple. I would love to send y'all some pictures, but I don't have my card reader to send them. So next week I will send them. I didn't take that many pictures so don't be to excited for the pictures.

Cool sorry for the short email. We got busy touring the Visitor Center at LA and we still need to go buy food for the week. So next week I will write more and include some pictures. This week is the last week of the transfer, but I doubt nothing big or crazy will happen. But I will let y'all know next week. Have a good one!


Elder Roberts