Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oct. 27, 2014

Hi everybody!!

Well October is basically over. Hope y'all are ready for Halloween this Friday. To answer Dad's question, the same rule applies last year as does this year: Be inside by 6:00 p.m. deep cleaning your apartment. This time I will have a little bit more to clean since I am not living with members like last year. Freak!! Last year I was starting my first transfer in Whittier!! That doesn't seem like it was that long ago.... Slow down time!!

So this week was kinda of an up and down week. It started a little slow because one Elder might have a possible hernia and had to see a specialist on Tuesday. Then, the same day, we did exchanges with our DL and I went with him to his area. Well his companion also had a doctor appointment on Tuesday that took forever. So basically Tuesday was shot.

On Wednesday we get a call from our Senior missionary in charge of the cars saying we have to give our car to the Elder with a hernia because he can't walk or bike for the next month or so. So it is pure biking in our area for the rest of the transfer. Wednesday was a solid day, we found a couple investigators that we hadn't found for a while and were able to teach them.

Thursday was your typical Thursday with District Meeting and Weekly Planning. Later that night we visited with a couple less-actives in our ward. Mostly we answered their questions about the Gospel and helping them get back into the habit of daily scripture study and prayer. It is kinda hard working with less-actives I have learned on the mission.

Friday we had a bomb lesson with Ortencia and her daughter Merlyn. Ortencia has been reading quite a bit in the Book of Mormon, she is in 1 Nephi 11 when we passed by, and her daughter was starting to show some interest in what her mom was learning. So we taught them about the Restoration and invited them to keep reading and praying to know what we are teaching. Ortencia said she feels super good when she is reading and really likes it as well. She spent 5 minutes at the start of the lesson sharing verses she had marked that she liked. She is super prepared for sure.

Saturday was another awesome day. We found several of the potentials we had contacted last transfer and most of them we picked up as investigators that day or set up return appointments for later in the week. One person we contacted started off the conversation asking why do we get sick? and why is there so much bad things in the world. Yeah talk about setting things up for a Plan of Salvation lesson. Shared about our purpose in life and the atonement and she loved it. We set up a return appointment with her on Tuesday to keep teaching her more.

Sunday started off good, then just plummeted to the ground. We had a less-active come to church which was awesome to see, plus it was our ward primary program which was super bomb the Spirit was super strong in the meeting. When we got home we receive a text from Ortencia. She apologized that she couldn't come to church, and said that her husband doesn't want her going to church and to stop meeting with us (More explanation: Ortencia was a former in our area book, she was first dropped due to the same reason: her husband won't let her do anything). So I was first super sad for Ortencia because she is so prepared, then angry that her husband is not letting her do anything. Well because I was angry, and I didn't want to stop going by, I did not have the Spirit for the rest of the night and it was a bad night.

So that is our week in a nutshell. Like I said I am kinda lost on what to do with Ortencia. I don't want to drop her because she is so prepared and I feel like she should be allowed to make her own decisions. But at the same time I don't want to do anything that might cause problems with their family. We are going to be praying for them, and to receive guidance from our Heavenly Father on this matter. I would greatly appreciate it if y'all could keep Ortencia and her family in your prayers. Thanks!!

So to answer Mom's question, there are 3 things I really want for Christmas: Gift Cards, and two study manuals. Elder Higley has a study guide for the Book of Mormon and he said he has really enjoyed studying from it and it has helped him understand the Book of Mormon better. So the two I was wondering if you could get are the Book of Mormon and New Testament. They are the study manuals that Institue students use. Here is the link to them that I found:



So those two things would be awesome. Thanks!

Well I think I better finish up this email. Thanks for everything! Hope y'all are ready for the snow that is coming in a couple weeks. I know Elder Higley and I are super excited for sweater weather! :) Have a good week!


Elder Roberts

Here are all my planners that I have had my entire mission. Every planner has a picture from the Scriptures on one side, and then a temple outside of Utah on the other side. Pretty cool huh? I will tell you that I am one planner # 13 of 17.

Had a little bit of fun with my Lego's yesterday. This goes to show what happens when you turn to the Dark Side and try to take on Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon. Fore sure you are not going to win :) :)