Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Hey everyone,
First off to put peoples' mindo to rest: I did not feel any earthquake this morning. We were doing laundry at that time and was pretty focused on that. We haven't heard anything about an earthquake till now, so it must have been pretty small. So ya everthing good in that aspect.
So far everything is going good this week. It was cool because I got a letter from Erin and Jordin on Thursday that had a couple family photos that really made my day. I was also super glad to hear that Jordin got accepted to the University of Utah and everything is going well for them.
As far as our investigators, everything is going well with them. Kim Guzman did not get the surgery yet because they needed to wait for the ok from the insurance company plus she wanted to take her finals at the college she is attending. But today she will get them taken, and should get the ok from the insurance company.
La familia Berriel are doing awesome. We introduced them to the Ward mission leader, Hermano Cruces, and they immediately hit off as friends. We had a lesson with the two families on Monday, and set a return appointment for Wednesday. Then on Wednesday right after dinner, we get a text from our DL saying la familia Berriel were with la familia Cruces eating dinner. So we arranged for them to stay there and we went up and had another lesson in their home. So they have really been doing great and progressing very well. They still have a few doubts about the Restoration and Joseph Smith, but they feel that if they keep learning, reading from the Book of Mormon, and praying that they will come to understand more.
So that is most of the news from this week. We are really working hard and have truly been blessed by the Lord this week. I remember when I first got to this area that we pretty much had now investigators and several less-actives. But now we have been able to turn the area around and have alot of great success. I am learning so much this transfer, and know that the Lord is truly blessing us and guiding us in this work. I am grateful for all the support I get from Him and from you all. Thank you for everything and may the Lord continue to bless you.
Elder Roberts