Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hi everyone,
I sensed a theme in the emails I got from you two and it appears that you two are happy that it is spring. I am guessing that you are excited for the warmer temperatures and no more snow. Just a thought. But glad to hear everything is going good for you all.
Sounds like you saw everyone on you walk. Thanks for all of the updates, sounds like everyone is doing good. If you see Andrew, digalo: Felicidades por su llamamiento a Mexico, vas a disfrutar el idoma bastante. Then ya that is awesome about Brennan and his mission. He sent me an email a couple weeks ago explaining everything. I felt like Alma the younger when I heard about his experience, just full of joy and excited about it all. Kinda crazy that he has been out for a year now, I can still remember when he gave his farewell. Time just keeps moving forward.
Well we are going to be starting week 6 of this transfer. Looking back, I have no idea what happened to the transfer. It just decided to fly by I guess. To be completely honest, I have no idea what is going to happen with transfer facts. Elder Awerkamp and I have been in the zone for the longest, 4 transfers, so I don't know if they will split us up, or keep us together. I have just learned not to guess the transfer facts because 99% of the time you are wrong. So instead I just wait for the suprise, and then buckle down and get to work.
This week has been interesting. It was a little bit difficult, but we still had some awesome experiences. I say difficult because almost every set lesson we had fell through. But it was good because this lead to finding new people to teach, and very spiritual experiences. The two families we are teaching are doing pretty good.
La familia Berriel have just been blessed like crazy this week. Both the parents were able to find work, the kids are doing better learning English, and they are just being extremely blessed right now. We have been working hard to show them that these blessings are coming because of the small changes they have made: Reading the scriptures, praying every day, and coming to church. We are really going to work hard to commit them to baptism this week because they are so prepared.
Everyone else are doing good. Everyone is progressing really well, and starting to see the blessings that come from the Gospel. We are just working hard, and trying to help the people God has placed in our path come closer to Him. I have really come to love the people we are teaching, and they all are super prepared to receive the Gospel. We are trying super hard to teach to their needs, and help them see the specific blessings that come from the Gospel. Sometimes it can be really hard to know their needs, and tie the Gospel into their lives. But I know that when we put the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of our lives, we find great blessings and strength. Slowly but surely I am starting to recognized those blessings, and my desire to grow in the Gospel increase. I love being His missionary, and for all that I am learning every day.
Love you all, and thank you for your love and support. Have a good, week.
Elder Roberts