Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 - Whittier Blew up!

Hi everyone,
So just to clear up all the controversy about the earthquake. Yes we did feel it, and very strongly. In fact the center of the Earthquake was about 7-10 miles away from our apartment, and we have been feelings small trembles ever since then. It was a 5.1 magnitude, and hit in a city called La Habra. We had 3 main quakes on Friday night: 1st at 8:45 (We were biking home, so we didn't feel anything), the main quake at 9:15 (We were in our apartment and had just finished praying to start our daily planning), and a third quake at 9:30. It was pretty scary to be honest, mostly because it was my first earthquake. It started off sounding like was running around in the apartment above. Then I remembered "We are on the second floor and there isn't anyone above us." It was pretty scary; I did not sleep that night because everything just made me nervous. A few things I learned about earthquake from this experience: 1) You cannot do anything about earthquakes, only wait and hope it doesn't do too much damage. 2) How great are God's creations! It really put into perspective how great His creations are, and how perfect God's plan is for us. And how grateful I am to have accepted His plan and to come to earth.
Ok so other than the earthquake, alot has happened within the past 2 days. So we get transfer facts on Saturday from our DL. He starts off telling Elder Awerkamp that he is leaving to Long Beach, a branch called Ximeno. So I think to myself, "Ok I am staying and will be leading the area, cool." Then our DL say to me, "You new companion is Elder Lloyd, and you need to call him for directions because......You are leaving to Cerritos!" Yep so both Elder Awerkamp and I are leaving Whittier tomorrow morning. They are actually dissolving our area and spreading it out to the other spanish Elders. Not only our area, but also all the english areas as well in the zone. We have 3 english family wards and a single adult ward in our zone. All 3 english wards had 2 companionships of missionaries, now there is only 1 companionship per ward. So they combined alot here. Hence why I say "Whittier Blew Up."
To be completely honest, I was shocked to hear that both Elder Awerkamp and I are getting transferred. We have worked so hard to get the area up and going again, and now to see it get dissolved, it is just super sad. Not only for us, but also for the families we are teaching. Last night we visited with both la familia Berriel, and la familia Guzman and it was soooooo hard to say goodbye to them. We have done alot of good work in this area, and it is so sad. But I know that the Lord is leading the work here and this is what needs to happen. Kinda hard to accept, but just like Nephi said, "I will go and I will do what the Lord has commanded" (1 Ne. 3:7). I am excited to move to a different area, and to start working there. But it is just hard to leave all the great families we have been teaching, and such a great ward.
So ya the past few days have just been crazy. Today is going to be a long day due to packing, getting the apartment cleaned and ready to be closed down, and last few visits with families here in our area. Things have just gone crazy these past few days it has been a little bit stressful and sad. But I know that the Lord will provide a way for us to get everything done we need to do. I also know that He will help our investigators keep progressing towards baptism, and a strong conversion in the Gospel. He truly is leading His work here on the Earth, and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be His missionary and for the experiences He gives me.
Thanks for everything. Have a good time in San Diego. Everything is going well with my clothes, everything is holding up really well. Hope you all have a fun week in San Diego, and don't get too burnt ;)
Love you all,
Elder Roberts

Aqui esta la familia Berriel. Hay Alejando, Julia, Jasmin, y Cristian. Es una familia bien preparado para el evangelio, y les quiero mucho.

Aqui esta la familia Guzman. Hay Ezekial, Reina, Alex, y Karen. Hay dos otras hijas que no estan en el foto porque estan en el hospital. Se llama Cynthia, y Kim. Kim tuvo una cirugia en jueves para su espalda

Mi companero y yo con la familia Cruces. Ellos son miembros, el papa es nuestro lider misional en el Barrio. Ellos tambien nos ayudaba ser amigos con la familia Berriel.

No I was not trying to use our ward mission leaders iPhone to get an update for March Madness. Silly rabbit ;)